Production Process

Mascot Zone has been making extraordinary outfits for over 3 years. We work closely with our clients and understand their vision and then dive into the creation of a perfect mascot.

We are listening to your ideas and creating a fresh outlook on mascots. At  Mascot Zone, we consider safety, comfort, durability and longevity when producing our mascots.

Our Process Flow

Let your ideas inspire you!

We Begin the process by inviting your ideas:

Mascot Making is a creative process that requires brainstorming through ideas, research, and a brand’s vision.

We aim to consult with you in the first process of production regarding your company, your brand’s perspective, company history and more to curate the perfect brand mascot for you. It is an ideation process that sums up the ideas into a creative sketch.

Sketching your brand’s vision:

In the process, the next step is sketching a preliminary character that represents your brand’s mascot.

We include the information from our consultation call and start sketching. We seek your selection in character design where you select the type of material for your brand mascot. Once we receive your approval on the materials such as fabrics, fur, brand colors, brand logo, etc., we begin to design the character using the selected logo and materials. We send the sketch and designs to our clients for approval. Our experience brings instant approval for the sketch. However, if you seek changes in the design or sketch, we are here to ensure that every design fits your desired specification. Finally, we will schedule the production. Our manufacturers will put together the shape, design, sketch, and logo to deliver your unique brand mascot.

Don’t forget! We will be constantly in touch with you while creating your dream mascot. Reach out to us anytime during the production process.

Craftspeople create your costume:

We make our product from a wide range of raw materials sourced from different countries around the world. Our team will fabricate the mascot based on your budget, fabric quality and source of materials. We grab your vision for your mascot and aim to make the product according to you. It’s your brand mascot, so you decide what you would like to customize, and how you want your character to turn out, and we are here to assist you in every step. We send you the updated and final product pictures to get confirmation. On approval, we proceed to pack and ship the order.

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